Film Maker: Ziad Foty

Ziad Foty is an emerging independent filmmaker and accomplished academic. His films seek to highlight unrepresented stories in an effort to challenge the dominant representation in film. He holds a BA in English Literature from Lafayette College, producing Pornified (2010) as his thesis, a documentary film examining racial taboos in pornography.

Additionally, he holds an M. Phil in Film Studies from Trinity College Dublin where he wrote a dissertation entitled A” New Group of Palestinian-American Films: Salt of this Sea and Contrarian Representations of the Homeland”. While in school Ziad continued to produce films such as The Strange Ways of the Occident (2013), an ethnographic documentary which chronicles the journey of a veiled woman to the land of the Occident. This film was screened at the DC Palestinian Film Festival and the Alwan Film Festival.Ziad also holds an MFA in Film from Howard University where he produced The Renaissance Man (2016) as his senior thesis, a documentary exploring the fight of a native DC artist against gentrification. In addition, Ziad teamed up with Lisa Thrasher, producer of Girl Trash all Night Long (2007) & Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2014), to write short film Il Mahal (2016), Ziad’s narrative directorial debut.

Ziad has many ongoing projects such as Return to Ramallah, a documentary film capturing the epic return of his father back to his homeland after 40 years. Lisa and Ziad are also working on adapting higly acclaimed Palestinian novelist, Ghassan Kanafani’s , short story If You were a Horseinto a narrative feature and the two have also began work on a narrative feature of Il Mahal (2016). Ziad writes “filmmakers have an important role to play in challenging the dominant hegemonic narrative…remembering home is an act of resistance.”